This is a blog about my journey to  Cardiff Olympic Triathlon June 24th 2018. I’m also raising money for my local cancer hospital Velindre.  My journey won’t be straight forward as I live with endometriosis and often have to put a pause on training due my daily struggle with pain and my ‘pain cave’.  Sometimes I win sometimes I don’t.  Hopefully my blog will be able to show how I cope and how women living with endometriosis are #endowarriors every single day. My other passions in life I’m sure will be mentioned including my children, family, meditation, chocolate, wine and I’m a the biggest coffee nut you will come across!!  I take inspiration from an awesome podcast ‘Tough Girl Challenges’ and the facebook group ‘Tough Girl Tribe’.  I also have the best pelvic physiotherapist who helps me manage my pain – Jilly Bond Physiotherapist– check out her website.